Google with Predictive Text at BlackBerry World

Searching the web on a PlayBook is basically impossible but an app that is still on BlackBerry World will let you do a few things on the world wide web.

Will it open actual websites? No

Will it let you Google Search and see accurate results? Yes

Will it let you search images and save images to your PlayBook and use them as Wallpapers? Yes

Will it show you Google my Business type results of a Business so you can see their Phone Number and stuff? Yes

Bring a little bit of the web back to your PlayBook with this holding on strong Google Search app for the PlayBook.


This app is quite simple but very useful. If anyone has used the main Google search site from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ has experienced how the keyboard opens and closes while doing a search and the screen tends to jump around.

This Google Search app offers a simple solution and predictive text. Searching from the app will open the browser with your search results. The Google search app will stay open allowing you easy access to the Google search box.