Well it is hard to believe that I still get questions about the BlackBerry PlayBook but I occasionally still do. Keep in mind that support for the PlayBook was dropped by BlackBerry in 2014 (over 5 years ago) but the dang thing keeps on running. I actually still use mine quite often and it is great for the grand kids to play games on. So anyway, for those that need to access their PlayBook over WiFi to grab camera pictures or screen captures easily here is all you need to do.

Go to settings and choose Storage and Sharing

Turn On File Sharing
Turn On Wifi Sharing
Turn On Password Protect (recommended)

Also under Storage and Sharing
Go to Network Identification and fill out the information required. Workgroup just use WORKGROUP

With your playbook connected to WiFi, go to settings then WiFi then click on the lower left WiFi symbol with the question mark.

Now from the diagnostic information dropdown select Internet Connection and get your IP Address. XXX.XXX.XX.XX

Now we are coming down the home stretch.

On a Windows computer, open the Run dialog box.

Type in your ip address with \\ in front of it. So it would look like \\xxx.xxx.xx.xx and hit enter.

 On a Mac computer.

select Go→Connect to Server and enter smb://xxx.xxx.x.x. Replace x with the actual IP address of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Follow the prompts asking for username and password and you should have access to your PlayBook.